Our approach:

Performico’s services contribute to the value creation of companies using a ‘best performance’(Operational Excellence) and/or ‘best service’ (Customer Intimacy) strategy.

Apart from the above mentioned change programs, we develop customized programs,

in co-operation with you.

Our approach:

Performico has developed "The Performico Way (TPW)" change approach. This approach is characterized by: thoroughness, flexibility and is result

driven. TPW is a systematic approach consisting tools that enable companies - mainly on their own strength - to solve complex issues in an efficient

and effective way.The uniqueness about TPW is that it is continually improved by co-creation with customers and therefore remains up-to-date.




What is Change Mangement:

Ask ten managers and you will get 10 different answers.

In management literature several definitions (and movements)

occur. Therefore, we will not add another definition, but we do

have a clear opinion.


Change management is making progress

in an uncertain context

During a real change everything occurs at the same

time: the existing context disappears, the organization

(structure) is transformed and current codes of conduct

(behavior) do not apply anymore. In short, uncertainties

all over. Change management is about managing this



Managing change: in co-operation, and from the perspective of the manager in particular

Changing is a joint process, every individual contributes. We think everyone has to be able to manage their own change while taking their

responsibility, the manager in particular. Without an active contribution of the manager the chance of success is small.

In our experience every manager is able to turn into a change manager, if they choose to!


Change management:

monitoring the balance between the result and the (development) process continuously

After release of all that is familiar the desired result does not follow automatically. New contexts, structures and a new culture take shape with ups and downs.

The pace of this this development process also depends on all kinds of unforeseen internal and external factors. Continuously balancing and adjusting is needed.





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Solving organizational issues overlapping business administration (management & processes) and behavioural change (human factors / social psychology).

Connecting the entire organization by co-creation.


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